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Investigation Service Offerings

For over 26 years, Horsemen Investigations has established and proudly maintained a reputation within the insurance fraud industry as the premiere provider of Best in Class investigative services and unparalleled customer service. We retain the most comprehensive and fully-integrated network of qualified and experienced investigative specialists throughout California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

With our service assurance and the best stable of seasoned, in-house investigators at the ready, no other investigative firm comes close to matching Horsemen’s proven results, insurance fraud expertise, and extraordinary ability to gather actionable field intelligence along the West Coast and Hawai’ian Islands—with national reach!
Horsemen is constantly expanding and refining our services, so contact us to discuss how Horsemen can satisfy your investigative needs!



Proven Difference:

Our centralized scheduling process allows for immediate arrangement of employee, employer and witness statements. This means quicker delivery of service and more time to make early decisions and cut off the $10,000 medical coverage benefit while your claim is in delay status.

Our two-tiered quality control process eliminates costly errors before you receive the final report and ensures the level of thoroughness and detail necessary to make an informed decision on your case.



Proven Advantage:

Our dedicated people combined with our operational size, infrastructure and statewide coverage remains the cornerstone of our capability in providing service support at every level of the investigative process. The tenets of our unparalleled approach provide distinct advantages for our Clients:

  • Deep Talent Pool of Investigators: Diversity, Flexibility & Ingenuity
  • Account Management: Single Point of Contact & Comprehensive Staff Support
  • Logistical Support/Updates: Same Day Advance of Claim Critical Information
  • Quality Assurance: Integrity Testing – You Get What You Expect!
  • Responsiveness: Operational Bandwidth to Enable Urgent Rush Assignments
  • Customer Service Mgr.: Dedicated Specialist Capable of Managing Your Needs
  • AV Service: Immediate Audio/Video Transfer and Formatting Capability
  • Account Review: Quantifiable Approach to Measuring Results & Effectiveness


Property Loss/Liability

Proven Benefit:

Property and liability loss cases are approached with the same care, thoroughness and attention to detail that we use on AOE/COE cases.

Our Investigators undergo extensive in-house training throughout the year, giving you the assurance that a skilled and highly trained professional is equipped with the latest liability protocols and developments in the field.


Accident Scene Investigation

Proven Feature:

We offer 24 hour availability for all scene investigation and will have an investigator on site within minutes.