At Horsemen, we realize that each Client’s needs are unique and specific to their own business goals. Our service philosophy is to approach your business from a case by case perspective and construct a comprehensive solution package that is tailor-made to meet your assignment specific needs. Measuring up to your expectations and achieving your desired goals is our primary concern.

There’s a simple reason why Horsemen refrains from imposing long-term contracts like some firms, our Clients always remain in the driver’s seat!

Pairing Skills + Experience

The hallmark of Horsemen’s superior service begins with its dedicated people. Our Field Investigators are highly trained, formally certified and continuously evaluated through every stage of their development. Our operational philosophy is centered on technical training and focused on measuring investigative intelligence. We bear the cost of development and quality improvements, so our clients can be confident that they are consistently receiving the best level of service as well as, the best investment value the industry has to offer.

Every Horsemen Investigator is qualified with the necessary skills and experience required to meet the shifting realities encountered everyday in the field.

Missionary vs. Mercenary

The investigative industry operates primarily under two basic service models; (1) The Full-Service, vertically integrated approach, which we term “Missionary” or (2) The Outsourced Guns for Hire approach we term “Mercenary.” Distinctly, these two business orientations produce very diverging results in terms of managing your expectation and experience.

Horsemen’s proven difference is rooted in the Missionary philosophy, focused on elevating client personalization and full-service capabilities. We commit our resources to training and developing our own people, maintaining quality standards and controlling all aspects throughout the investigative process. While many other firms farm out work solely to shave costs and yield higher profits, Horsemen refuses to compromise on quality of service or value!

Ask yourself, which investigative firm serves “YOUR NEEDS” best?